The 1 HUGE Fact About This Illegal Alien Murderer the Media Is Trying to Hide

On July 1, a five time prior deported illegal immigrant named Francisco Sanchez shot and killed an innocent young woman named Kathryn Steinle at a San Francisco Bay pier.

This wasn’t Sanchez’s first brush with criminality either, as the murderous illegal alien was also a seven time convicted felon and had just recently been released onto the streets by the “sanctuary city” policies of San Francisco law enforcement.

 The progressive liberal mainstream media has done its best to dance around this story, as it raises numerous questions they simply don’t want to ask.

Why wasn’t a convicted felon in the country illegally turned over to immigration officials? How was this man able to get past border security to illegally enter the country at least six times? How did this seven times convicted felon have access to a firearm?

That last question really hits home to the liberal media, especially in California, as the city of San Francisco has exceptionally tough gun control laws in one of the states already known for infringing greatly upon the right of lawful citizens to keep and bear arms.

 According to Breitbart, and by all other accounts, Sanchez should have been prevented and prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm.

What this incident proves, yet again, is that gun control simply doesn’t work. Criminals obviously don’t obey the laws, and restrictions on gun ownership rarely affect criminals, or prevent them from getting the tools they need to commit their crimes.

California’s expanded background check system didn’t prevent Sanchez from obtaining a weapon, nor did the state-wide gun registry. Neither was Sanchez stopped by the arbitrary 10-round magazine limit, or any of the multitude of other related and unrelated laws he broke while committing the heinous murder.

It is tragically sad that an innocent young women had to die at the hands of this evil person who shouldn’t have even been in the country in the first place, much less armed and walking the streets.

Hopefully, her death will serve as the catalyst for Americans, and the media, to begin asking the important questions about the effectiveness of gun control laws, which obviously don’t stop criminals and, in fact, make it more difficult for innocent citizens to defend themselves against violent criminals.

 Please share this on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word that gun control doesn’t work, and this horrible incident in San Francisco proves it.

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