For Millennia

George Orwell is attributed to making a quote which stated:

“People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

Well, Folks, that may be no longer true.  You may now be awakened to see your home pillaged, your Wife and Daughters raped, your Son and Yourself executed.


What follows is a letter from a Police Officer in Maryland.  His sentiments are spreading Nationwide.  We, The People are the ONLY ones who can correct this.  Thirty years ago, I was one of those “rough men”.  Now, I am an old man.  But I sure do remember the pride I had in protecting our Society.

What a sad story and a reality check for current and future policing.


On Saturday, December 6, 2014 From a police officer in Maryland:

CDS – Controlled Dangerous Substances

CDS* enforcement by patrol is on life
support as it is and total arrests have dropped by about 90%
where I work. There were guys on my shift who used to go out
and get 17 legitimate lock ups per shift, the majority of
them felonies. Now, the department is lucky if the whole
shift gets 17 lock ups for the month. The hand writing is on
the wall: do nothing and save your job. Folks on the street
are acting accordingly. I asked one guy I work with why he
stopped making arrests. His answer “I can’t risk
getting fired.” This is by no means a brutal or corrupt
Officer. Very polite, very professional and at one time a
very hard worker. Not anymore. The same goes for everyone to
his left and right. They’ve all shut down. Police work
is effectively over for them and that means that police
services are effectively non-existent for the thousands of
people who live and work where they patrol. Occasionally
someone will ask me why we don’t Police the way we used
to. I tell them why in explicit detail and suggest that they
write their elected representatives.

A lot of guys refuse to run code any more. They won’t activate

their lights or siren for  anything other than a call to Assist the Officer.

Assault in progress? Drive the speed limit. A shooting or a
cutting? Drive the speed limit and make sure to stop for at
least three seconds at every traffic control device. Why?
Because every accident where the Officer runs code is now
the Officer’s fault regardless of the transportation
articles. So be it. Patrol will adjust accordingly. EMS will
not enter the scene where someone is injured as a result of
armed criminal action if we are not present. The longer it
takes for the Police to arrive the longer that victim
bleeds. The problem is that you can’t be fired for
getting there a minute late even if the victim dies but you
can and will be fired if you crash trying to get there in
time, even if you didn’t violate the law or department
policy.  Cameras will only make the situation
worse. We have already been told that if we get cameras they
will have to be turned off when we enter private property to
avoid running afoul of the current wiretapping statute. That
right there knocks their effectiveness down by about fifty
percent. Domestics, EPs/mental cases and investigate the
trouble calls account for a good many uses of force. You can
ignore a drug dealer on the sidewalk. You can’t ignore a
knife wielding schizophrenic who refuses to take his
medication. If the Officer thinks that entering that house
or apartment to deal with said EP will result in the loss of
his job he’s going to pull back and wait for SWAT. Why?
Because if he forms a perimeter and everyone in the house is
murdered he cannot be disciplined. If he enters the house
and kills said EP when attacked with said knife and the
family claims racism/brutality/murder he’s looking at
termination.  When the cameras come arrests for
loitering, disorderly, CDS possession and distribution as a
well as a host of other offenses will all but cease. A use
of force can be justified but look ugly at the same time.
High ranking Police Executives and Mayors don’t like
ugly – even if ugly is both lawful and necessary. The result
is that Officers will be fired or suspended until the
message is received that ugly will not be tolerated. At that
point active police work will cease – the process has
already started.  A lot of folks want body cameras.
They’re not going to like what they get namely Police
who will arrive slowly and will simply go through the
motions when they arrive – if they come at all. The only
thing that Officer is required to do is show up for work on
time and get to his call for service eventually (which could
be hours). If the Police go into hibernation they are
untouchable. No one can be fired or prosecuted for doing the
bare minimum. Sadly, that’s the future. It’s
unfolding right now


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