BREAKING: House Republicans Blatantly Betray Voters, Fully Fund Border Invasion in Massive New Spending Bill! (AND Fully Funds Obamacare)




Get on the phones to your Congressmen and Senators and SCREAM your disapproval.  Time is of the essence! Call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121, tell them your Congressman’s name and ask to be connected.  Please don’t delay.

TRAITORSFinish your drink and sit down before read this. What you’re about to read is going to instantly make you red in the face.

We’ve always known coward liberal Republican John Boehner is worthless when it comes to stopping Obama’s agenda. That isn’t a surprise. But it is surprising that it only took a month after November’s landslide election for Boehner and his liberal allies on the hill to completely stab voters in the back on the border invasion currently happening at our open southern borders.

The massive and outrageous spending bill Boehner’s team of looters is about to push through is not only loaded with pork, and not only fully funds Obamacare, it actually INCREASES spending to help those illegally crossing our borders.

I kid you not.

Via Washington Post.

The bill only funds the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees most immigration policy, until February. But negotiators gave new money for immigration programs at other federal agencies. There’s $948 million for the Department of Health and Human Service’s unaccompanied children program — an $80 million increase. The program provides health and education services to the young migrants. The department also gets $14 million to help school districts absorbing new immigrant students. And the State Department would get $260 million to assist Central American countries from where of the immigrant children are coming.

Did Boehner’s team of looters make any attempt at all to defund Obamacare? Nope.

The law is still funded, but there’s no new money for it.

They even gave outgoing Congressman Eric Cantor some pork as a final parting gift.

The former House majority leader stunned the political world by losing in a GOP primary last summer. But Congress agreed to provide $12.6 million for his signature legislative achievement — the Gabriella Miller Kids First Act, which authorizes new federally-funded pediatric research.

More outrage here.

With Republicans like John Boehner in charge, who needs Democrats? Each and every single member of Congress who votes for this madness should be challenged in 2016. EVERY one of them.


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