Potential Holder replacement requires intensive scrutiny, resolve to score vote

If Lynch does get the nod, it’s incumbent upon activist gun owners to demand getting some specific answers, and not to be put off by weasel words and “I believe in the Second Amendment” equivocation – hell, even Barack Obama says that, right before showing everyone his big “but.”

Calling her “an under-the-radar contender to become the first black woman to head the Justice Department,” a Thursday Associated Press profile on United State Attorney Loretta Lynch leaves more questions than answers. She’s “low-profile,” we are told. She doesn’t generally talk to the media. She doesn’t give many speeches.

With that being the case, how are all of us, but gun owners in particular, supposed to determine whether or not she would be an acceptable nominee, and if we should reward or punish our Senators for rejecting or confirming her if she is put forth? What is it we can infer, what is it we know, and what is it we need to determine before we can make an informed assessment?

The fact that she’s an Eastern District of New York prosecutor needs to be a big red flag, but not an automatic disqualifier. After all, Alex Kozynski is Chief Justice of the “liberal” Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals headquartered in San Francisco, and he’s the guy whose dissenting opinion in Silveira v Lockyer included the astoundingly refreshing observation that “the simple truth—born of experience—is that tyranny thrives best where government need not fear the wrath of an armed people.” (Incidentally, don’t tell Paul Begala that.)

Second Amendment-friendly lawyers would do well to see what gun cases Lynch has prosecuted, and obtain transcripts to see what arguments she’s made.
Read more at http://patriotoutdoornews.com/11986/potential-holder-replacement-requires-intensive-scrutiny-resolve-score-vote#0xKyoFMduF4pEXoL.99

– See more at: http://patriotoutdoornews.com/11986/potential-holder-replacement-requires-intensive-scrutiny-resolve-score-vote#sthash.ibsq8Evp.dpuf

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