Obama has a Triple Whammy Ready to Hit America After Election Day

No matter who wins or loses on Election Day, President Obama is ready with a big new push of his radical agenda on illegal immigration, higher health insurance costs, and putting thousands of convicts back on the streets early.
Mark your calendars for November 5th.
After Election Day on November 4th, President Obama will unleash radical actions, no longer worried about hurting his fellow Democrats at the polls.
Here’s what to expect:
Threatening the jobs of American workers, immigration officials already are seeking contractors to process millions of work permits for illegal immigrants. It’s Obama’s amnesty plan.
Then premium hikes for Obamacare will be revealed, projected to be 15% hike for even the lowest-cost policies. These are already unpopular because the deductibles are so high, such as $6,000 a year out-of-pocket before coverage kicks in.
Also the exemptions will end that have let some people keep their former policies. If you like your plan, don’t expect to keep it.
Then the topper: Obama plans to grant early release from prison for thousands of drug dealers.
If you think Obama can’t get worse, just wait until after Election Day

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