by Joseph Farah

No one is rooting harder for a big Republican victory in the 2014 midterm election than I am.

But it’s not because I like Republicans.

In fact, with a few notable individual exceptions, I don’t even know what they stand for. I suspect it’s something like this: “We’re not as bad as the other guys.”

And that’s a problem.

It’s a problem that needs solving. I’m convinced it will only be solved through a change in leadership at the party level and among Republicans in the House and Senate.

With all Barack Obama and Harry Reid have done in the past two years, this election should be a national referendum on their corruption, their flagrant disregard for national security, their determination to make America an oligarchic one-party state, their undermining of the Constitution and the rule of law, their contempt for the will of the people and their divisive abuse of power.

What an opportunity the Republican leadership is blowing!

Amidst all the chaos, confusion, strife and negligence sown by the Democrats, the Republican leadership has failed miserably in explaining to the American people why they represent a better option – even a real alternative to the madness of Obama and Reid. It’s almost mystifying. I guess our choice is between going along with the fundamental transformation of America and unimaginative, visionless, incompetent nincompoops.

Make no mistake about it: While the 2014 midterm could still result in a 1994-style election sweep for Republicans, it won’t be because of anything the GOP did to deserve it. They don’t deserve to win big. And they have almost certainly squandered a potential mandate in November.

Say what you will about Newt Gingrich, he laid out a cogent plan in 1994 – “The Contract With America.” And it worked. Nothing even remotely resembling that kind of leadership has been attempted in 2014. And how could it with dolts like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell at the helm?

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It was just over a week ago Boehner made the strange statement, “I am Obama’s best friend.” What did he mean? I suspect he meant just what he said. Indeed, I could argue that Boehner has been Obama’s best friend since becoming House speaker in 2011 and the most important check and balance on White House power. He has certainly been Obama’s chief enabler – an accommodationist extraordinaire who has consistently ensured that Obama can continue to borrowing all the money he needs to destroy the very fabric of America.

McConnell, meanwhile, has had his hands full just fighting for his own re-election bid as a U.S. senator in Kentucky, for heaven’s sake.

This is a time when America needs a real party of opposition. It doesn’t have one.

It’s more than disappointing. It’s tragic.

Here’s the fundamental question Republicans must answer: What would they do differently if they had the power? The American people want to know – need to know.

Do they believe in constitutionally limited government as some of them occasionally claim? Is there anything the federal government just can’t do because it doesn’t have the power? What will they do about Obamacare, an unconstitutional power grab that is more unpopular today than at any time since it was first misrepresented as a solely Democratic initiative? What would they do differently with regard to the growing threat of ISIS and Islamic terrorism in the world? What would they do to get the staggering economy working again? What would they do to punish the misfeasance and illegality of acts by this administration such as using the Internal Revenue Service as a political attack dog against its enemies? What would they do to ensure it never happens again? What’s their plan for tax reform? Would they abolish the IRS and the income tax?

Can you imagine the excitement Americans would have today if Republicans had plans and articulated them clearly and effectively this year?

Republicans don’t deserve to win – especially not big. Yet, they represent the only political alternative we have this year. So we have to hold our noses and vote for them or watch the country plunge rapidly and precipitously down the tubes for the next two years.

This election could have been a defining moment for the Republican Party. Instead, they’re running defensively, conventionally, safely.

That’s not leadership. That’s business as usual.

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