Obama And Kerry Were Warned About ISIS—And Paid No Attention

Fox News reported that the intelligence community has been warning the Obama Administration about the growing threat from Sunni militants since January. The Administration was aware of The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham’s (ISIS) uprising in Iraq. This directly contradicts Secretary of State John Kerry’s claim that nobody expected the routing of Iraqi security forces by Sunni lead ISIS. ISIS was assisted by Iraqi Sunnis, embittered by the loss of power to the Shia majority. It’s very likely this cooperation has allowed the insurgents access to the weapons of mass destruction that the American press claimed to have never existed.


Approximately five months ago, a Kurdish intelligence “asset” informed the Kurdish people that a renegade offshoot of al-Qaeda was working with former Baathists (Sunnis) of the Saddam Hussein regime to launch a major uprising within northern Sunni territories. ISIS was forming alliances with fellow Iraqis to easily capture northern cities. Kurdish intelligence senior lieutenant Rooz Bahjat told The Telegraph they had passed information about ISIS’s grand plan to capture Baghdad to the CIA and MI6.

The Kurds knew the ISIS plan and alerted the west. But frustrated with the lack of resolve on the part of western powers, Bahjat opined “We knew exactly what strategy they were going to use; we knew the military planners. It fell on deaf ears.”

Lahur Talabani, head of Kurdish intelligence bluntly stated “I have completely lost hope in America after listening to President Barack Obama.” He specifically blames Obama for the current situation in Syria and Iraq. He is more aware of Obama’s ineptness than Republicans.

Read more:  http://www.westernjournalism.com/obama-kerry-warned-isis-paid-attention/

4 thoughts on “Obama And Kerry Were Warned About ISIS—And Paid No Attention

  1. And to think this whole situation could have been avoided if a narrow sighted republican president had not attacked the world trade centers mass murdering 3000 americans and linking by innuendo that Sadam Huessin was involved and Osama bin Laden was responsible. Yet the director of the F.B.I. stated that they had no tangible evidence that Osama had anything to do with 911. The lies that the war dogs of the republican party still are expounding for the profit of the multi-international corporations that they are the lapp dogs of. Even as this puppet is rather than face reality and truth is still trying to extoll that no weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq then but they suddenly have appeared now . The idea that no weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq at the time of the American led invasion is a left wing plot is ridiculous. But then again this is the republican party that has no grasp of logic or science or anything else that is fundamental to understanding. For further enlightenment you should really visit marktone.wordpress.com to really find out facts and open your eyes to the b.s. you are living in. Understand that I am not making this suggestion for any other reason than to benefit you, because you do indeed need some help.
    Marcus T. Tolbert

    • Thank you for your concern and your wish to benefit me, Marcus. In the 68 years I have walked this earth, I have always been a survivor. I have survived shooting wars, street crime, and Democrats. I will continue to do so.
      Mark D. Hawthorne

  2. That’s because they’re preoccupied with getting no one to pay attention to Benghazi, US Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, immigration, fast and furious, IRS scandals, ad infinitum.

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