If Freeing the Taliban Five Isn’t Impeachable, Then It’s Time to Pack It in as a Country

Barack Obama is not a bad president.

Judging by his decision to release five seasoned Taliban jihadists in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, “bad president” doesn’t even begin to describe this man.

No, Barack Obama is the sick parody of a bad president that no comedy writer would ever run with because there’s nothing funny to balance the raw, tasteless absurdity.

While scientists may never know how this misguided attempt at satire came to life and made his way from some late night host’s reject pile to our world’s Oval Office, today we’re stuck with the real consequences of an unreal leader.

No real president would free enemy commanders with the blood of thousands on their handsmid-war, one of whom has already openly declared his intentions to resume killing Americans soldiers, with the only thing standing between them and the battlefield an empty “travel ban” promised by a country known for breaking such promises—but Barack Obama did.

No real president would further endanger the soldiers under his command by creating such an irresistible incentive to kidnap more of them, one so obvious that a Taliban commander laughed as he said it “definitely” encouraged his men to “work hard to capture such an important bird”—but Barack Obama did.

No real president would willfully disregard not only these factors, but also alternative rescue options, because he decided scratching “Close Gitmo” off his bucket list was more important than the lives of our troops, not to mention the lives of Afghan civilians terrified of what these butchers will do to their families—but Barack Obama did.

No real president would tolerate his subordinates defaming soldiers who lost comrades searching for Bergdahl as psychopaths or liars—but Barack Obama did.

And no real president would invoke the “leave no man behind” ethos on behalf of a deserter (or worse) while simultaneously declaring he fully intends to leave behind Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who is unjustly imprisoned in Mexico and whose freedom certainly wouldn’t require trading five murderers—but Barack Obama did.

Barack Obama did it all. And has “absolutely no apologies” for it.

Barack Obama put his hand on a Bible and swore an oath that made him the commander-in-chief of the United States armed forces. He chose to assume a sacred responsibility for the welfare of our men and women in uniform. It is heartbreaking enough when any president’s strategic and diplomatic mistakes cost servicemen their lives, but this willful negligence is in an entirely different moral universe.

To the families of our faraway defenders, let me offer my preemptive condolences. Some of your sons and daughters who would have otherwise made it home aren’t going to now, because their commander-in-chief just sent their future killers back to the battlefield.

We pray that they will prepare as best as possible for the heightened danger our president has inflicted on them, but frankly, our military shouldn’t have to worry about defending themselves from their own leader while they’re busy defending us from our enemies abroad.

When their enemies at home happen to occupy the White House, it’s Congress’s constitutional duty to protect our troops from them.

Despite Obama earning impeachment a dozen times over for his various abuses of the law, lawmakers have so far shown little interest or stomach for such a drastic step. But there’s a difference between picking your battles and completely abdicating the legislative branch’s role as a check against a dangerously unfit executive.

It’s not theoretical anymore. We’re not talking about legal abstractions or presidential decorum. Soldiers are going to die over this.

If that’s not enough to stop hiding behind political excuses for inaction, then nothing is. If that’s not worth impeachment, then we might as well give up on politics entirely and drop any pretense of living in an honorable, two-party constitutional order.

Out of Obama’s potential replacements, so far only Lt. Col. Allen West has called for Obama’s impeachment over this. Ted Cruz has not yet, but is at least asking the right questions. On the other end of the spectrum, Marco Rubio is dutifully distancing himself from the I-word, and Rand Paul, while critical seems less outraged by freeing terrorists than he is by blowing them up.

It’s time for Republicans to decide whether that’s more important to them than dirty looks from their coworkers or talking heads calling them names on TV.

You all say you “support the troops.” Time to prove it.

Read the rest of this Patriot Update article here: http://patriotupdate.com/articles/freeing-taliban-five-isnt-impeachable-time-pack-country/#PW9YI2psuJGQS3Dl.99

Source:  http://patriotupdate.com/articles/freeing-taliban-five-isnt-impeachable-time-pack-country/

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