Trey Gowdy Sought as Chief Counsel to Prosecute Corrupt Politicians in DC

There is a growing disgust with the corruption in Washington DC. As a result, many patriots have spent tens of thousands of dollars to travel and collectively the same amount of hours protesting in Washington DC, all it seems, to no avail. Later this month, patriots are again going to fork out tens of thousands of dollars, make signs and travel to Washington to exercise their First Amendment rights. While I applaud their efforts, they have no leverage for themselves against the criminal element in Washington who will merely laugh at them and ignore their redress for grievances. But there is something else in the works. That something else is seeking to bringcorrupt, criminal, elected officials in Washington to justice via the states and bypass Congress. In fact, this movement is going to target corrupt members of Congress for criminal indictment and prosecution, and now it’s calling on South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to be the chief counsel in this endeavor.

Many who have been following Freedom Outpost have heard of David Zuniga. He began contributing to Freedom Outpost a short time ag0. David’s organization, America Again, is seeking to hold elected officials accountable for their actions. By accountable, I’m not referencing just calling them out. The organization wants to indict them and bring them to justice. If we can’t get Congress to do their duty, then the people of America have the power to bring them to justice.

How will America Again do this? It will be accomplished by a proprietary indictment engine, which will allow America Again and its prosecutors to chart and begin orchestrating specific targets for indictments based on their votes. Zuniga told Freedom Outpost, “Certain algorithms will be employed in order to determine whether a lawmaker has introduced unconstitutional legislation, co-sponsored it, passed it out of committee or voted for it.”

Once the targets have been acquired, whether Democrat or Republican, America Again will push for a state grand jury to indict that representative. Upon an indictment, a plea bargain will be offered. Zuniga says that this plea bargain “will be like the deal offered to King John by the barons who wrote the Magna Charta in 1215 A.D.: agree in writing to our terms, or we put you in prison and have your assets seized.”

The deal will also be offered to current members of Congress who have not yet been targeted if they will also comply with the terms offered by America Again.

What are those terms you ask? You can see the 20 legislative action reforms here. These reforms remove power usurped by the federal government. Among these actions are a full repeal of the 16th and 17th Amendments to the US Constitution and term limits of two years for members in both houses of Congress.

Granted, this is a brief overview and more information can be found at America Againfor those who are interested in actually pursuing a course of action that does not depend on the ballot box, countless rallies without leverage, wasted money, career politicians, or anyone’s approval in Washington. In fact, for about the cost of basic cable or satellite, you can help build the indictment engine and get a strong chief counsel to prosecute corrupt politicians who are violating their oath of office, the Constitution and the law.

So why does America Again want Trey Gowdy?

Zuniga told Freedom Outpost that he wrote the requirements for chief counsel long before he ever heard of Trey Gowdy, and that he believes he sees in Trey Gowdy an answer to his prayers for a chief counsel.

“My brother and I have been praying for five years that God would send us a criminal, state prosecutor, who would be willing to give up his career… who loves the Constitution, and would fight for the Constitution…. Who can get on TV and look good and sound good, and who really likes going after bad guys,” Zuniga said. “Well, that’s Trey Gowdy!”

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