Prize-Winning Obamacare Video: Forget About the Price Tag

Arrogance is an understatement

Recently, Team Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services had a YouTube contest (they’re so hip and media-savvy) to promote Obamacare to young people. They recently crowned a winner: a video entitled Forget About the Price Tag.

There is no tongue in cheek here. This video, which you can watch here if you have the stomach for it, sells the fact that users of Obamacare don’t need a lot of money to get health insurance. Since it’s not about the… “Uh. Cha-ching chaching” or the… “Yeh. Ba-bling ba-bling” you can get a “more fair” deal without having to worry about the price tag of your health insurance. You can forget about the price tag because your healthcare will be taken care of by Uncle Sammy Warbucks.

That’s what the song was intending to say, I guess. But it has another political interpretation: “Stop fussing over the rising cost of Obamacare, you pesky Republicans.” One line of the song particularly implies this interpretation: “We got to invest to be the healthiest. You can’t put a price on life. Why is everyone [“everyone” means you, Mr. Conservative] so oblivious? Living without health care is serious [nice rhyme]. Can we all slow down?”

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