Let’s face it—America’s public education system is the laughing-stock of the civilized world. In the spirit of throwing gasoline on a fire to put it out, education experts have decided that more intervention by the federal government is the key to turning our overpriced failure factories into a “world-class” display of academic excellence.

Stop laughing.

And so was born Common Core—a vast new program to get a standardized curriculum, devised by idiots in Washington, into every public school classroom in America. It will also make the system cost more: music to the ears of every bureaucratic parasite that lives on it.

Although tens of millions of American children are to be the guinea pigs in the Common Core experiment, not many citizens—especially not the parents of these children—seem to know exactly what it’s all about. No one’s answering their questions. Shut up and pay.

Consider this North Carolina parent’s experience:

“When I began seeing the ill effects of Common Core in my second grader’s classroom, I reached out to other parents and asked if it was just me. Other parents echoed how they did not like the Common Core Math and what it was doing to their children. We asked for a meeting with the teacher and the principal. The principal denied us access to meet with her as a group, and outright told me to stop communicating with other parents about the Common Core because I was creating ‘unrest.’”

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