We’re All CVS Employees Now

CVS employees, and the rest of America, had better get used to turning over personal health information like their glucose levels and body mass index to their insurers – and to the federal government.

Starting in 2014, per the dictates of the federal government, your doctor must record your body mass index (BMI), which measures whether you are overweight, each time he or she treats you and turn it over to the government via your electronic health record, which every patient is required to have.  Your BMI will then be tracked by the Health and Human Services Department, the agency rolling out ObamaCare, and a bevy of other state and federal agencies.

Shock and anger ensued this week as CVS employees learned that if they didn’t turn over that information to their insurers, they’d be fined.  But CVS is merely rolling out what may become one of the most controversial aspects of ObamaCare a little ahead of schedule.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/03/were_all_cvs_employees


3 thoughts on “We’re All CVS Employees Now

  1. You’ve misunderstood (or the media misled you, a common situation) that aspect of the care act. The request (not a requirement) is to gather BMI data on employees, not to connect those figures or identify them to specific individuals. There are also requests to identify patients by race/ethnic categories for example, but the information remains anonymous so it’s not traceable to any specific person. There’s no requirement to turn over any kind of protected private health information to any agency not directly involved in a patient’s active treatment process. That would necessitate a repeal of HIPAA, which the act both supports and extends the effectiveness of. ( I work in an Urgent Care clinic. We deal with these sorts of misunderstandings on a daily basis.)

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