Sheriffs, States and the Supreme Court

A bad law can become a cancer. An unconstitutional federal law that goes unchecked is a cancer that has found it’s way to the lymph nodes. It makes it infinitely tougher to treat. But you must treat it, or you will die.

As Sheriffs across the country reflect on how to address a future that may ask them to participate in firearm registration and confiscation schemes more are saying with clarity “not my department”. To arrive at this position, I suspect they must have considered where their loyalties lie.

Are they loyal to their local communities, state constitutions and the U.S. Constitution as written, or do they find themselves compelled to uphold arbitrary federal laws that demand a top-down obedience to politician’s whims? There is needed money in the form of grants for those towing the federal line to consider. They find themselves stuck between a moral rock and an economic hard place.

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