Next-gen US drone: Now equipped with ‘death ray’ laser

The next generation of military drones, unveiled by a leading US manufacturer, will not just carry a limited supply of rockets – but will likely be fitted with an ultra-light laser, capable of repeatedly destroying objects at the speed of light.

“It would give us an unlimited magazine,” a person close to the High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS) program told Time magazine. (Editor’s comment:  Gee, isn’t that wonderful?  We are being told we will be limited to 10 rounds of conventional ammunition while the Government entry will have an unlimited magazine.  Does anyone see anything wrong with that concept – other than the fact that you can be instantly fried by this weapon.  And don’t think it won’t come back to America to be used by a paranoid and power hungry group of psychopaths disguised as politicians out for our own good.)

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