A Demonstration of Hypocrisy – Wake Up America

It’s been nearly two weeks since NBC’s David Gregory violated Washington, D.C. law on national television by waving around a high capacity magazine for an AR-15 in the face of National Rifle Association vice president Wayne LaPierre to embarrass him. While DC police have said they are investigating, Gregory walks free. DC police chief Cathy L. Lanier’s spokesman refused Monday to respond to whether Mr. Gregory had even been interviewed yet. However, former Army Spc. Adam Meckler was arrested and jailed for having a few long-forgotten rounds of ordinary ammunition — but no gun — in his backpack in Washington.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/01/david-gregory-gets-pass-on-violating-dc-gun-laws-iraq-vet-gets-jailed/#ixzz2HFKP80uJ

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