It’s all a game, Folks. We are being artfully scammed …

I can remember when I first retired from the Police Department.  All of a sudden I had tons of free time on my hands.  I used to work around the clock.  8-4, 4-12, 12-8, changing every week, which meant that I could never really follow a TV series or program.  I then found out that daytime TV sucked.  Well … they did have soap operas …  I started watching and found out how easy it was to become addicted to these senseless presentations.  They portrayed other peoples problems, the likes of which, you hardly would ever experience.  Thank God for a college education in psychology and the behavioral sciences.  Thank God for reading Marshall McLuhan and understanding that the Medium is the Message – oft changed to the Medium is the Massage..  But, we, as human beings, are a nosey lot and … we love to buy into other people’s dilemmas. Hence the success of the soap opera.

The government has a lot of people running it that I disagree with, but that is NOT to say that I think they are stupid.  One of the things I sincerely believe they have done is to present their day to day running as a soap opera to the American People.  It’s a brilliant strategy.  We, as the American People, have been conditioned to accept it.

With that in mind, I now present the next installment of THE FISCAL CLIFF.

Mitch McConnell ‘Bursts Into Laughter’ At Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Proposal

Apparently Barack Obama’s fiscal cliff proposal is so one-sided, partisan, and ridiculous that Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell says he “burst into laughter” during the talks on Thursday when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner explained the Obama administration’s proposal to avert the fiscal cliff.

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One thought on “It’s all a game, Folks. We are being artfully scammed …

  1. Well, in his first term, when he tried to actually propose what he thought was reasonable and achievable, the GOP whittled down everything he asked for starting at that point. So now Obama’s asking too much, in order to be able to meet in the middle. He learned political poker the hard way. That said, I liked your soap opera analogy a lot. Going back before TV, using silent movie terminology, this is also a “cliff-hanger”.

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