4 thoughts on “A Word to Rioting Muslims

    • Where are these moderate people who are ashamed of that aspect of their religion? Why are they not coming forward to condemn the killing and violence? How can we respect them when they will not present themselves? One must remember that respect is not given, it is earned.

      • Do you remember the whole mosque vs. community center debacle. Those were the moderates, but they were quickly silenced by false imagery and information by the media. It wasn’t supporting our war efforts to have relate-able Muslims on TV. Then there were shows made that followed moderate Muslims in their lives, but were quickly cancelled because their lives were just as boring as any body else’s lives. The thing is we had to look for them, because their effort was rebuffed at every turn my mainstream media which had already bought into motivating the people to war and hate. If you’re willing to look maybe you’ll see; but if you turn your head to one side you’ll always see that side.

  1. Yes, I do remember that, but not as you do. As I recall, it was wholly arrogant to want to place an Islamic structure near the site of Ground Zero where over 3000 American lives were lost due to the actions of Islamic terrorists. I don’t find that to be moderate. Have you seen the videos from Dearborn, Michigan, USA, where they are stoning Christians in the street while the police idly stand by? If the situation was reversed, the police would have been all over the Christian element. Unfortunately, we are living in a world afraid to exercise common sense; rather believing that using political correctness will make it all better. Political correctness is a socialist strategy that, if continued to be subscribed to, will be our undoing. The only thing gained from backing down from violence is the acceptance of subservience and cowardice. I have a theory. It seems to me that the Muslim Brotherhood, et. al. thrive on the publicity they gain from their violent acts. Well, what do you think would happen if the world media cooperated in refusing to report any of their violent acts? (As if that would ever happen) You don’t have to have any kind of talent or education to engage in violence. Therefore you have a large pool of participants to choose from. But if no one is reporting it anymore, no one is shocked by it anymore, you are essentially ignored. Then you have to find something else to do to get notoriety. Perhaps something constructive, such as providing easier avenues to education for your people, resulting in constructive, rather than destructive outcomes, would do the trick. It is not necessary to behead someone to get ahead.

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