Reflections of the Debate

I’ll probably take a lot of crap for this, but so be it.  There is still one man in America who sees the truth and speaks it.  I am a middle aged white man and he is a middle aged black man.  We both grew up being wary of one another.  But somewhere along the line we both learned respect for the truth.  The truth has no color; it simply is.   He is actually the guy who SHOULD have been the first Black President, but because he can’t be bought and because of his penchant to speak the truth, that, in all probability, will never happen.  Where I differ with Mr. Keyes is that I feel I MUST vote for Romney for the simple reason of removing Obama from office.  He may well be right, I may well be wrong.   But the truth will out, and we will both be respectful of that.

Please read Alan Keyes analysis of the Debate:


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