Do you want this to happen to you?

Who owns the rainwater that falls on your property?  The sunlight?  The air you breath?  I will hope that people will watch this video will realize that it can happen to them too, as it already is in at least two states.  Totalitarianism does not happen overnight.  It occurs in slow but steady stages until one finds themselves surrounded by it.  Be aware!

One thought on “Do you want this to happen to you?

  1. amazing the stupidity of it all, I think what we have is rulers have forgotten God, if you didn’t create it you don’t own it. to jehovah belongs the earth and all that which fills it, no use in arguing who owns it, the isrelites (as well as later the pharisees and saducees) forgot God too, as a result they did the same thing, imposed traditions (called legalism here) on the people making life a bitter burdensome experience. jesus condemned them for that calling them children of the devil. Jehovah owns it and it belongs to everyone and hence we have aresponsitlbity to care for it and keep it clean. gov is after just a bunch of people getting together conspiring how to steal rights of others for their own enrichment. they have no more rights to it than anyone else but do have a responsbility to help keep it clean as possible.

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