More on Smart Meters

SRP came to my home a couple of months ago and told me they were installing a Smart meter on my house.  I told them they were NOT.  To make a long unpleasant story short, they didn’t install the Smart Meter but I was forced to go for what is called an “M” meter which is a pay as you use it service.  You have to preload your meter with whatever amount of money you choose BUT, even in this day and age of computers, you can NOT do this online and you either have to go to the power company or a participating supermarket to do so.  It is, what I regard, as the power company’s method of punishment for your refusal of their Smart meter service.  Well, that’s how it is and what I have to live with but at least there is no Smart meter installed on this house,

To read how people are affected in other parts of our country, please click on this link:


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