Just what is a Hero?

I am upset.  I see so many articles these days where a soldier has gone to serve his country and put his time in and then come home.  Or maybe he (or she) is on his third or fourth tour of duty, serving his country.  But then he comes home and he is referred to as a “Hero”.  Folks, while I give all those who served my highest level of approval and admiration, they are not “Heros”.  They are true Patriots.  In many cases they were a heartbeat away from becoming a “hero”, but it was not their time to do so.  You don’t sign up to become a “hero”.  You don’t make an appointment with fate to become a “hero”.  It is something that happens spontaneously.  You are in the middle of it and your mind is going a million miles a second.  You can put yourself aside and act for the best outcome you can achieve – or you can choose not to and hunker down and hope and pray for the best.  If you would like to see what one form of “hero” was, please watch the following video.  I think after you do, you will know what a “Hero” truly is.  It’s time to stop downgrading and misusing the word.


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