Where did you go, Flash Gordon

As a kid, I could hardly wait to see the next episode of Flash Gordon.  He, and Dale, and Dr. Zarkov would get themselves into impossible situations.  But they would always manage to come out on top and good would triumph over evil.   Every Saturday. myself and my friends would be in front of the old TV set, waiting for it to warm up – it took 3 minutes back in those days – eagerly waiting to see what kind of predicament Falsh would get into and prevail over.

Flash only lasted about a year or so on television but he became an icon in that time.  He opened our minds up to space travel, scientific achievements, and intergalactic diplomacy.

The years went by and Flash had faded into the past.  Now and then someone would remake him in a movie – but he was never the original.

Now that I am older, I sometimes wonder where Flash went.  Well now, I know.  Flash Gordon is alive and well in China – working for Volkswagon – making cars.  Oh, I know you won’t see him in the video below.  But it has to be him and Dr. Zarkov behind the scenes. It has to!

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