People and Manners

I guess I am getting old.  I’ll still open a door for a lady.  I’ll thank someone if they send me a nice email or letter.  If they send me a letter, I reply by letter.  If it’s email, I reply by email. If I bump into someone, I’ll say “Excuse me or I’m sorry”.  When I’m in a city and I hail a cab, if a gal steps up who looks like she needs it more immediately than I, she  has it.  I don’t wimp out … I access.  I look for the need in my fellow human beings and if I can help, I do.  By the same token, a fellow who pulled a knife on me got shot.

But I look around now-a-days, and I don’t see people trying to constructively interact.  It all seems to be about “me”.

There was an old Rock and Roll song – “Where Have All the Flowers Gone”.  Perhaps it’s time for a new one.  Where have all the manners gone?

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